Why I No Longer Sleep With My Phone

I used to have a stressful job that required a bit of stressful night time work of servers flipping out and databases dissapearing. Like most people i kept my phone near my bed as an alarm clock.

As much as it was nice to wake up to the sounds of birds or waves, the phone was a point of stress in my life. every flash or buzz was a potential outage. I felt this created an unecessary stress and it effected my sleep.

so I began doing something revolutionary in our times., i stopped sleeping with electronics, no phone, no computer, no tablet. The bedroom became a safe space from work or technology, which made me sleep better. Also i got to pick out a pretty cool alarm clock for when i did need to wake up at a certian time. There are some downsides, i miss phone calls in the morning, sometimes i don’t get to problems in time, but most things that are a 3am problem can be a 6am problem as well.

What Did I Do This Year?

This is a post acting as a catalog of all the stuff i did this year (that i can remember)

  • Got Laid Off
  • wrote 16 new songs
  • Graduated College
  • Went to Hawaii
  • Got a Dog
  • Planned and Executed the 2nd Annual EBAB
  • Taught 2 workshops
  • Played music at at least 4 venues
  • I moved
  • Learned Ruby

I think that’s it, probably much more but i wanted to write down somethings.

My Weekend With Cryptocurrency

I am legitmately facinated with cryptocurrency. A few years ago i spent hours researching and bothering with bitcoin, but the ability to mine them was already long gone at that point. This past weekend i messed with two other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin and Feathercoin. I have to say, overall i’m very disapointed.

The whole concept of having to “mine” these coins is so time and energy consuming its rarely worth it for anyone who’s not obsessed with it.

Code Every Day

I’ve taken up coding as a “thing” many times, and have spent years attempting to learn concepts and never really getting to any point where i can call a language my own. I’ve taken all the basic CS classes, and even some advanced ones, but still here i am. Programming isn’t easy for me, it takes me a lot of work. The reason I persue it is because the way i feel when i build something using programming is amazing. This time around i’m at least lucky to have a lot of time on my hands, but i’ve also been doing something a bit different as of a few weeks ago:

I Code Everyday

First it was codecademy’s ruby track, then going through onemonthrails, now i’m currently working through test first ruby and after that i’ll be doing coderbyte and Rubyquiz

But before coffee, before breakfast, I code, everyday.

Thoughts on Unemployment Part 1

In October of this year i was let go from a job which I viewed in a lot of ways was “perfect”, but this was more of a blessing than a curse.

There was a large part of me who felt very comfortable and stuck in my last job. There wasn’t a lot of time for me to focus my energies on where i wanted to.

Now about 2 months later i have a better perspective, and i have actually been able to work on the project i want to.

  • Taught a Field Recording Course
  • Learned Ruby on Rails
  • Produced a Podcast
  • Build a blog using octopress (HA!)

As part of greater unemployment conquest, i’m going to write more, code and words and use my spare time to learn the stuff i want to. This is pretty much the best thing to have happened to me in a long time.